We're Justin and Hannah Mann, a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Boise, Idaho.

Because we were suddenly without friends, family, sunshine, and the ocean, we picked up photography as a hobby for the first time. It helped us process the massive life changes we were experiencing as well as share about them with friends and family, and it was a way of exploring our new city as we connected with each other. We learned to shoot in manual mode, we experimented with nighttime photography, bought new lenses, and knew just enough to get some really sweet photos of our first baby when she was born shortly before moving back to California.

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Now back to the present:

Hannah has had her work featured on many national publications, including Wedding Chicks, Rocky Mountain Bride, The Fount Collective, 100 Layer Cakelet, The White Wren, The Motherhood Anthology, Whimsically Wed, La Peche Journal, and more. She has both been featured in and written educational articles for The Kindred Path and Lemonade and Lenses Magazine online and in print, and she offers one-on-one mentorships plus group coaching for photographers.

We didn't know it at the time, but the hobby that brought some light into a challenging season would eventually become a full-blown career path, as we got our start shooting weddings together in 2014 and as Hannah dove into family photography and coaching other photographers.

Yet even more valuable than photography, our time in Pittsburgh gave us a crash course in what makes a marriage strong: an unwavering commitment to be there for each other, come hell or high water. It doesn't take perfect people, it doesn't take magic, and there's no one-size-fits-all formula. Sometimes it will go great, and other times it really does feel like 'hell or high water' has arrived. But when you've got that person by your side in good times and bad, telling you "I still do" - it's a source of strength and light in all of life's seasons. And this is why we absolutely love to celebrate it.

Let's start at the real beginning.

A few weeks after we married at the ripe old ages of 21 and 24, we moved from the sunny San Diego coast to Pittsburgh. Whew - that was one heck of a transition. But in our two years there, we learned a few things that have had a reverberating impact for well over a decade.

In the years since we were newlyweds in a new state with a new baby, we've lived in California, small town Texas, California again, and Idaho, our current-and-probably-forever-home. We've also added more babies, and brought our total count to an even two boys and two girls. We've encountered the whole range of experiences that life can offer: grief, loss, and heartache, alongside joy, laughter, and enormous blessings. And because of the love that has bound us together, those lows have been a little less low, and those highs have been extra high.

We'd be overjoyed to celebrate your marriage with you, friend. Click here to get in touch!

P.S. Hannah is also a nationally-published newborn and family photographer, as well as a photography educator and coach who runs a free educational newsletter. Check it out!

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We'd Rather be


# of kids


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Any National Park

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Margarita (her) + Old Fashioned (him)

a few more things you should know: 

Our second baby was less than two weeks old, and we don't recommend weddings so quickly postpartum (at all). But it was the first in a line of many that we're so grateful for, and it helped bring us to where we are today!

P.S. We also shot one when our third baby was two weeks old... whoops!

We shot our first wedding in 2014.

Before photography, she was a software engineer, because she loved problem solving. That carries right on through to photography education:  helping others get from point A to point B, and boost their vision and confidence in the process.

She teaches real skills that make a real difference, while cheering her students on. From mentorships to group coaching, find more details here.

Hannah has a passion for education.

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Our first big road trip was out of necessity: we moved cross country. But we got hooked, so we kept on driving anywhere and everywhere. As of today, we've visited 31 out of 50 states together, plus Canada, and have driven to almost all of them!

Driving all over the country has allowed us to see so much that we'd miss from the air, and we have incredible memories from our travels as a family (minus when our car broke down at midnight in the remote woods with no cell service... ask us about it!). Our favorite destinations tend to be national parks, historical sites, and ghost towns.

We're roadtrip pros.

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